High School Senior Photography: CMA Graduation Invite

Last weekend, Ginny and I traveled to Culver Academies for a photo shoot of 5 CMA seniors who have been friends for many years. Unlike normal Senior shoots, our purpose for this was to get some photos to use on a Graduation party invitation and possibly have on display during their party. It was a warm day but overcast. The seniors we shot were in good spirits, even though their friends were playing volleyball not 30′ away. Ginny kept saying on the way home, “The parents of these five should be very proud. They were five of the most respectful high school students I’ve ever met… so polite, so easy going…” We are lucky as photographers that we get to work with this generation, as we think our future is in good hands when we meet some of the students coming out of the two Culver schools. If you attended this year’s Relay for Life and saw the students from both schools, we think you would agree with us. This year’s graduating class is indeed an impressive one. We wish these five the best of luck in their upcoming graduations and college experiences.

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