Culver Engagement Photos: Lyndsey and Brandon

This past weekend, in addition to shooting the Culver Eagles basketball game, Ginny and I shot one of our favorite people, Lyndsey Fisher, and her fiance Brandon. Lyndsey and Brandon are getting married this coming July. We’ll be traveling to Florida, as Ginny is going to stand up in the wedding with Lyndsey’s mom Jeanine and one of Lyndsey’s friends. I’ll be photographing the wedding ceremony and reception. I think these two are going to make a beautiful bride and groom. As you can tell from the pictures, they take a great picture.

Lyndsey worked for CulverLodging her junior and senior year and became more than an employee to us. She’s much like our own family. More than once I tried to chase off Brandon, but he didn’t let me shake him. I have to respect a guy who can put up with more than one of me in his life, as Lyndsey is surrounded by a lot of people who have a lot of love for her. It can’t be easy being the finance. We look forward to their wedding day and hope they like their engagement pictures. We enjoyed shooting them and giving Brandon a hard time for being an IU guy while Lyndsey is a Purdue gal.

We didn’t have the best weather conditions, but these two take a great picture. Ginny says it’s all the love going on between them and their “smiling eyes.” I tried to tell her it’s the photographer, but after looking at these pictures, I think Ginny is right. I guess I better stop giving Brandon a hard time.


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