Culver Academy Chapel Wedding- Bethany and Tom

This summer, we had the honor of photographing a few of our weddings at Culver Academies Chapel, one of our favorite places to shoot. For Bethany and Tommy, it had meaning, as Bethany is a graduate of CGA. The Chapel has special meaning to us, too, as we were married there in 1995. The Chapel has its share of issues: heat (it’s not air-conditioned yet), lighting (most churches are a challenge with light, but this one is a huge challenge), and the special attachment us alumni have to it. However, all of these issues provide the perfect level of anxiety and stress for a photographer. That is, it’s exciting to shoot in a venue like it. Bethany looked beautiful in the majestic setting of the Chapel, as did everyone in attendance. Afterward, the bridal party went to the park with us for some quick shots, and then jumped on a party bus. I got to travel with them to the reception, and I have to say that it was a lot of fun. We spent the evening at the reception, always an impressive place for a wedding reception. Congrats to Bethany and Tommy. We hope their puppy Sadie continues to be spoiled!



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