CGA Senior Photos: Sarah Lioce

This past week, Ginny and I went to Culver Academies campus to shoot a senior named Sarah. What was great about this shoot, aside from Sarah’s personality, was that we got to shoot the horse Sarah rides. This took some pre-planning, as we had to be supervised for this part of the shoot (safety reasons), but it was worth it! Sarah also likes black and white shots, so we played around with some black and whites; some emphasize the white highlights and others emphasize the black highlights. Ginny suggested we do a black and white of Sarah approaching us with the horse, as Ginny wasn’t fond of the background, but liked the idea of the approach. It turned out to be one my favorite shots. We also wanted to get the riding hall in the background of a few shots, so we adjusted aperture settings to achieve that with a blur. Sarah also wore her graduation dress for some shots, so we have a great mix of her in this set. I’ve since taken the horse a bag of apples to snack on, as I was grateful for his cooperation.

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