CGA JV Lacrosse Photos: Culver Academy vs. Park Tudor

The undeated Culver Academy Girls JV Lacrosse team played Park Tudor High School, which is the school that I would have attended had I not chosen Culver 28 years ago. The girls are still undefeated with an easy win and score of 12-to-2. The girls played exceptionally well and they have a coach who has developed the team. (Several of the girls had never played lacrosse before Culver.)

To the parents and kids, let me apologize. I started watching the game without a jacket on. With the wind, it was too cold for me. The only jacket that I had in the car was my embroidered jacket, which is bright red, not the right color when shooting a game against Park Tudor. In my defense, I only have one embroidered jacket. When I had it made, I wanted  a bright color that wouldn’t offend Culver Aacdemy supporters or Culver Communuity High School fans when I shot games where the two schools played one another. With that in mind, I chose red. In hindsight, I probably should have gotten a red jacket, an orange jacket, and a maroon jacket. Sorry if it looked like I was supporting your opponent.

I’ve posted my favorite photos here. Many more photos are posted at:

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