Culver Academy Soccer Photos: CGA JV Soccer vs. West Lafayette

It was a beautiful day for a home soccer game on the Culver Academy campus. The sun was shinning and I was comfortable in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. I’d like to hope that weather like today will continue, but I suspect that the days when shorts are comfortable will not be around for long.

I did, however, make a poor choice in clothing color. For those who know me or who have seen me at games, most know that red is a favorite color of mine. What can I say, I like wearing my red wind breaker to events as it is loose and has large pockets. The bright color has also prevented me from getting hit on more than one occassion. Today, in addition to my red windbreaker, I also had on a red polo shirt. As you can probably tell from the pictures, I probably should not have worn red. Believe it not, it actually took a few minutes for some Eagle’s parents to talk to me as they thought that I was supporting the other team.

The girls played a great game, but they didn’t win. After 80 minutes of intense play, the final score was Eagles-0, West Lafeyette-1. I’ve posted a few pictures here, but there are many more at










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