Indiana Photography: South Bend Urban Decay

Ginny and nature photographer Corey Hilz were talking at dinner the day before Corey and I went to explore in South Bend. Corey was talking about how he likes to shoot nature, but how he also likes to see the grittier side of life and looks for more urban shots that reflect a different way of life than what you see in nature. So, Ginny suggested we look around South Bend or head toward Chicago and go through Gary. We decided to go to South Bend, as we were also hoping to get time for some other areas in Northern Indiana.

We took some photographs of the River Walk in South Bend, and then we explored other parts of the city. We came across a building that appeared to be abandoned. It was filled with photo opportunities of “urban decay.” I can’t quite describe the building, as it was unlike anything I had ever seen. It proved to be filled with interesting objects, including several cars that appeared to be stripped out.

I’ve posted a few of my favorite shots. I think this building was probably the size of a few WalMarts combined. It was overwhelming in size, and some of the gritty detail of it was a bit overwhelming as well. You can find more photos at:











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