Indiana Photography: St. Joseph, Michigan Sunset

While nature photographer Corey Hilz was here, we (Grant and Corey) decided to drive north to St. Joseph, Michigan. We weren’t sure what we are going to see, but we thought it would be nice if we could catch a sunset. We did get some  sunsets and other scenes, such as guys fishing, a beautiful light house, and some boats that seemed to play on the water the entire time we were there. In addition to what is included here, there are more of these photos posted at Ginny’s favorite are the ones with a pink sky. I like the lonely fishing pole. There didn’t appear to be a lot of fish coming in on those poles, but I thought they made for a good shot. I didn’t shoot them, but we also saw a lot of couples who came out to the pier just to see the sunset. I can honestly say that I know now why they do and I hope to take Ginny the next time I make that trip with a camera.















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  1. Larry says:

    GRANT and Ginny:

    I capitalized the photographer intentionally while understanding full well how Ginny contributes to your efforts.

    The very first photograph is absoulutely stunning; incredible lighting, beautiful colors (multiplicity of colors and contrasts), a great example of humanity intruding (the lone fisherman) into our Maker’s wondorous kingdom. Your efforts were not an intrusion but a complement to the artistry of nature.
    I was also impressed with the second photograph. The combination of man’s tools (fishing pole and sail boat) in the midst of nature’s striking evening brillance is awesome. I also like #’s five and six because of the extraordinary color, shadows, and lighting mentioned in one above. Additionally 5 and 6 have an element not found in one; the “artificial or “human light” that grabbed my attention. Each photograph has it’s own strengths. Each one will become more unique as you grow and become more confident.

    Joan commented to the effect that the photographs are probably even better in print. I would purchase any one or all of the photographs I enjoyed the most. Keep in mind, I am a hard sell and difficult to please.

    Joan and I wish you well as you begin this new journey. Take the well meaning and deserved applause with humility but pay close attention to that photograph that was not quite what you thought it should be and learn from it. Be patient, be patient, be patient.

    I am not a very creative or artistic person. However, I believe you have good creative instincts and hope that you will concern yourself with why you think something is beautiful or just partially beautiful and then make it beautiful! You certainly have demonstrated that you are determined and are willing to work hard and learn how to improve your creative instincts.

    We think you are off to a great start and we are proud of your efforts. (Ginny, please don’t edit my writing.)

    Larry and Joan

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