Culver Academy Softball Photos: CGA JV Softball vs. John Glenn

This afternoon, I had to decide between shooting the CGA JV Softball game or the CMA Varsity Baseball game. As this was the first home game for the Culver JV Softball team, I decided to shoot their game.  Their season is shorter than many of the other teams so I wanted to get photos of them while I had the chance.

It was a beautiful night, sunny and not too hot, in Culver for the CGA Eagles’ first JV Softball game of the season as they hosted John Glenn High School. The girls played their hearts out and had a lot of fun and showed great sportsmanship even though they didn’t get the result they wanted. The Culver’s JV Softball team is a very new team. I’m told that they have a few girls playing that have never played softball before. Knowing this, I stopped paying attention to the score and focused on how the girls played and interacted with one another as a team. From my vantage point, they seemed to get along and still enjoy the game. And, they have the groundwork to come together as a team. I’ve posted a few of my favorite photos here. There are more located on at








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