Culver Indiana Wedding Photographer: Troy and Mallory Engagement Session

 Today, we decided to give this rainy a go to get some shots of the beautiful Mallory and one of our favorites, Culver police officer Troy. Mallory and Troy are getting married in June, so we decided to wait on engagement photos for this Spring. We have had several sunny days, so we scheduled the engagement session and got rain… Still, Mallory and Troy put on some color and provided some together time for us to take a handful of pictures. They were engaged at a drive-in movie theater, which is where we plan to meet next for a photo shoot if the owners let us. We are also going to take some shots with Troy in his Culver uniform. Troy said the sweetest thing today. He said that over 70% of police officers divorced after just three years, but he and Mallory were going to beat those odds. After today, I have no doubt that will be the case.












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