Culver Academy Chapel Wedding- Sam and David

Ginny and I had the honor of photographing the wedding ceremony and reception of David and Samantha Haase. The story behind this goes all the way back to Ginny’s teen years. When we were students at Culver, Fred Haase, father of the groom, was Ginny’s Latin teacher all 4 of her years at Culver. She was also the family babysitter for the Haase family. David fondly referred to her as his favorite babysitter. Ginny says she always thought of the Haase kids as her own siblings and “spoiling them was great practice for when we would have nieces and nephews.” Apparently, David was quite a great golfer as a kid because Ginny lost many a bet to him when he’d say he could sink a 20-foot putt if Ginny would buy him a Blizzard after she’d take him golfing. She recalls one round in which she owed him 6 Blizzards. The Dairy Queen saw them often. David and Caroline Haase were both a part of our wedding, so it was great being able to witness David’s wedding day and help capture the moments. Ginny was so happy to see all of the Haase family members together, and she was thrilled to get to know Sam from behind the lens. Sam is not just beautiful on the outside. She’s kind to the core and, as Ginny says, “Exactly what I would have hoped for David.”

Sam and David’s reception brought on a horrific summer storm, which forced the party into the Math and Science building. They say if you can weather a storm on your wedding day, you’ll have good fortune all the days of your marriage. Well, these two took it all in stride and the guests had a blast as a result. It turned out to be a great night: The sunset was colorful once the rain ended, the music was fantastic, the food was incredibly good, and everyone had a great time. We were exhausted after a long day. When we got home, Ginny kept saying, “What a fantastic, beautiful couple.” I have to say that I agree. Oh, and because of all that mud, we got to do a “trash the dress” session the day after the wedding. All the mud from the previous night gave me the courage to ask Sam if she might want to do this. She thought it would be fun. As you can see, we got to see a difference side of Lake Max at this wedding!






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