Culver Indiana Photographer: Photo Contest Winners

This evening Ginny and I were informed that we were winners in a local photogoraphy contest that is part of The National Endowment for the Arts “The Big Read” project. I won the top prize for ”Best Overall.” It is for a photo called “Along a Country Road,” which I shot a couple miles out of Culver during one of our outings. We were driving along when we came across a woman riding a bicyle who had just picked some wild flowers to take home. Ginny asked her if we could take her picture, which she graciously said we could, so I shot her riding away from us.

Ginny won first place in the “People” category with a picture of our niece titled “Butterfly Hunting.” Ginny loves to take pictures of kids, and I think this one represents how patient she is when taking “just the right shot.” Lucy is always on the move, but she has given Ginny many opportunities and is her favorite subject.

Thanks to those of you who support our efforts. We are thrilled to be recognized for some fo the photos!


Along A Country Road



Butterfly Hunting

2 Responses to Culver Indiana Photographer: Photo Contest Winners

  1. Judy Sawhook says:

    I absolutely love all of your photos! Congratulations on this award — you go guys!!!!!! I want to do a Grant/Ginny Munroe Wall in my house.

  2. Marc Randall says:

    You guys rock! I’m so proud of you for your successes in your new venture!!!

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