Culver Indiana Portrait Photographer: Bartleman Family

This afternoon, I was hired to photograph the Bartleman family and their two puppies after the Culver Academy Garrison Parade. The Bartlemans wanted to get this photoshoot because they are all in the same place only a few times a year.

We decided that the lakefront and at the senior ring would provide some ideal backdrops, so we chose a couple of different angles in the ring. We didn’t have the best light, as it was a bit overcast, but the Bartleman family brings their own light to a shot. They have great humor and had Ginny and I laughing the whole time.  We all had a good laugh when we realized that we were so focused on getting the dogs to look at the camera that we forgot about the rest of the group. We had a blast with this family and were honored they let us take some pictures for their next Christmas card.










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