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Indiana Sports Photographer: CCHS Girl’s Varsity Soccer vs. Westville

Yesterday afternoon, after the boy’s soccer game, the CCHS girl’s varsity soccer team hosted Westville High School in Culver. Due to dimming light and a prior engagment, I was unable to stay for the entire game. I was able though to watch 60 of the 80 minutes of game play. From what I did see, the girls of Culver played extremely well and were headed for an easy win. (When I left, the score was 5-to-0 and 80% of the play was on Westville’s goal end.)

I’ve posted some photos here. Other photos are located at:



Indiana Sports Photography: CCHS Girls Varsity Soccer vs. John Glenn

A few evenings ago, the Culver Community High School girls varsity soccer team hosted John Glenn High School. It was a great game with both schools being very evenly matched. Unfortunately, the girls of CCHS allowed a goal early in the game that they could never get back. The final score was Culver- 1, John Glenn- 2. I’ve posted some photos here. Additional photos are located at:



Indiana Sports Photography: CGA JV Soccer vs. CCHS

The other morning, I shot the CGA JV soccer team as they hosted the girl’s JV team from Culver Community High School on Culver Academy’s campus. With this being a match between the two local schools that I follow, I found myself in the awkward position that I couldn’t cheer for one team over the other. I love the school I graduated from, but I have grown to love the community I live in, so I cannot root for either side. Ultimately, I hope for a tie. This game was a lot of fun to watch as both teams were very evenly matched. THe pictures show just how determined the girls played on both sides. The girls from CCHS won by one goal. I’ve posted some photos here. The other jv pictures from this game are located at http://www.culverphotos.com/9_04_10_soccer.



Indiana Sports Photography: CGA JV and Varsity Soccer vs. Concord

A few days ago, I shot the CGA girl’s JV and Varsity soccer teams as they hosted the teams from Concord High School at Culver Academies. All the teams played well, but ultimately both the JV and Varsity teams from Concord were victorious. I’ve posted some photos here. Others are located at:

JV Game-  http://www.culverphotos.com/8_31_10_jv

Varsity Game- http://www.culverphotos.com/8_31_10_varsity


Culver Indiana Senior Pictures: Shae Harris Senior Photos, Part 2

Today, we met again with Shae Harris to take some photos that included props from her school activities and her car. And, we met 10-year-old Ally, Shae’s sister, and Nick, Shae’s boyfriend. Ally is not only funny, but she’s also creative. She came up with some fun ideas for posed pictures and outdoor pictures on the swing set. Though Nick was coming from basketball practice, he was very accomodating of us and agreed to take a few shots. What a nice guy, and we know he has good taste! We took a few shots just as it was getting dark, and though the lighting wasn’t ideal, the couple was. We went for the goofy, the creative, the props, the car, some school signs, and the beautiful Shae. It was a fun photoshoot. We’ve uploaded more photos to the Shae gallery. Thanks Shae and Harris family. We love your humor and your kindness. Both seem to run in the family! Congrats to Shae and Nick on their senior year. Hope your final months are filled with fond memories!


Culver Academy Soccer Photos: CGA Varsity Soccer Regionals

This evening the CGA Varsity Soccer team traveled to South Bend to compete in the State Regional Tournament against the South Bend Riley soccer team. Both teams played hard and fair, though Riley proved to be a tough opponent. Culver lost 2 to 1. One of the excitements of the game was when there was only 8 minutes left in the game and Culver scored their goal on a long penalty shot. With this goal, you could see the players’ determination change on the field. For the girls who had been playing for 72 minutes, there was a new found energy as they knew there was a chance of scoring again to tie the game. Riley found that same energy though with their efforts to keep Culver from scorring a second goal. The last eight minutes were intense and fun to watch though the outcome was not what we had hoped for. I’ve posted more photos at www.culverphotos.com. Until I research ISHAA’s tournament rules further, my photos from tonight’s game are only for viewing and will not be sold. I hope to clarify things in the next few days.


Culver Academy Soccer Photos: CGA JV Soccer vs. Mishawaka Marian

 It was a nice afternoon for a soccer game as the CGA Girl’s JV Soccer Team hosted Mishawaka Marian at Culver. The girls played well with some great action on the field, but they could not catch up with Marian. It was obvious that the Marian team has been playing together as a team for quite some time as their passing skillls and ability to move the ball up the field were unbelievable. Marian scored the first goal in the first two minutes of the game. The Culver Girls team never gave up. The final score I believe was 1-5. I’ve posted my favorite photos here; more can be found at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Soccer Photos: CGA Varsity Soccer vs. West Lafayette

Today was a beautiful day to watch the CGA varsity girl’s soccer team play at Culver Academy. As the day progressed, the temperature rose and I felt sorry for the girls. It was hot just taking pictures. I could only imagine how the girls felt running around in the heat.

The lady Eagles played an excellent game that was quite exciting to watch. From what I saw, both teams were evenly matched with no clear dominate team. I found myself staying in the middle of the filed as there was great action happening on both ends of the field. I’m not sure what the final score ended up being. (I shot three soccer games today.) But, whichever team won, I’m sure it was hard fought.

I’ve posted my favorites here, but there are several hundred more located at www.culverphotos.com. Just click on the “Culver Academy” link, and the “Culver Sports” section.


Culver Indiana Photography: CCHS Girl’s Soccer

It was a beautiful day for Culver’s High School Girls Soccer team. Today, we had to shoot into the sun, but it was nice that the sun was out, as it’s starting to get cold in Culver. The Lady Cavs didn’t win their first home game, but they gave the game heart. For more pictures of the game, go to www.culverphotos.com.