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Culver Indiana Portrait Photographer: David Family Shoot

This past weekend, I was contacted by CMA’s football coach Andy Dorrel to do a family portrait of the David family, as all of the kids and grandchildren were in town at the same time. 24 of them in all! Little did I know that this family shoot was also being done for a campaign photo for Mr. David who is currently running for County Council. We decided that Culver Academy had the best scenery and setting for our session but unfortunately, we couldn’t control the weather. It was very beautiful but extremely hot and muggy. Keeping everyone happy, smiling, and sweat-free was a little difficult. We managed, though, and I got some shots that I’ll be proud knowing will be used in print advertising. I’ve posted a few of the photos here.


Culver Indiana Portrait Photographer: Kime Family


Meet the Kime family. While taking Momo Kim’s senior pictures, we decided to capture a few of the family. Mrs. Kime needed a family shot, so we took a handful of shots.


Culver Indiana Photographer: Overton Family Shoot

 As noted in the other blog entry, today, we shot the engagement photos for Desiree and Dustin who will be getting married in June. This selection of pictures includes their son Gabe, a beautiful, sweet-natured boy who loves his mom and dad. Gabe is a happy child. He wasn’t sure what the camera was all about, but his parents managed to get him to ham it up for us. His aunt Dee helped out, too, as she has a way of getting Gabe to smile.


Culver Indiana Family Photographer: Christiansen Photo Shoot

Today, Ginny and I did a photoshoot of the Christiansen family: Kurt, Pamela, Jack, and Sarah. We took pictures on Culver Academy’s campus and down by the lake. In one picture, it looks like 16-month old Sarah is directing the shoot. She was actually very shy, so it’s kind of fun to see that shot of her looking in charge. We had a blast taking pictures of the kids. They are curious, high-energy, and very sweet children. Jack is into sports and looks like an athlete already. You can see his football in the pictures. And as Ginny pointed out, he’s really fast. Sarah was a little bit worried about the strange man and woman taking her picture, but she warmed up after awhile.

While shooting near the senior ring, we saw the rough riding team practicing. The kids were fascinated by the horses, so we took a few pictures of them watching. Ginny got down on the ground to get some eye-level shots and close-ups. It was hard to get the group photos for this shoot, as Sarah is a little freaked out by the cameras, but boy, when she smiles, she’s the cutest child. We had a great time and hope to take more pictures as Sarah and Jack grow. Ginny and I thought they had great personalities, so we look forward to seeing them grow up.