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Indiana Sports Photography: CCHS Volleyball

The other day was a busy day in Culver, Indiana for volleyball. At the Culver Community school, Culver Middle School had two games: the 7th grade team and 8th grade team. Both teams hosted Triton Middle School. Almost at the same time, Culver Community High School hosted Breman’s JV and Varsity Volleyball teams. I couldn’t attend every game as I can be in only one place at a time. I did manage to photograph 3 of the 4 games. The girls of CCMS and CCHS played well. Unfortunately, Culver’s opponents won. Regardless, the games were fun to watch, and Culver has some talent that is worth following in the coming years. I’ve posted some photos here. Others can be found at:

Culver Middle School 7th Grade Volleyball-


Culver Community High School JV Volleyball-


Culver Community High School Varsity Volleyball-


Indiana Sports Photography: Culver Academy Cross Country

Earlier this week, I had the chance to shoot the CGA and CMA cross country teams as they hosted a meet against Triton High School. The weather was nice but windy on Culver Academy’s campus as the kids ran along the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee. Culver did very well and won both the boys and girls meets. CGA Junior, Kacie Hermanson, was the winner for CGA. Some followers of this blog might recall that I met and shot Kacie over this past summer. I always enjoy when I actually know some of the kids and have some favorites to cheer for when I’m shooting sports. Way to go, Kacie! The other great thing about shooting this meet is that you get to see some of the beauty of Culver’s campus.

I’ve posted a few photos here. Other photos can be found at:

CGA Cross Country-

CMA Cross Country-


Indiana Sports Photography: CGA JV Soccer vs. CCHS

The other morning, I shot the CGA JV soccer team as they hosted the girl’s JV team from Culver Community High School on Culver Academy’s campus. With this being a match between the two local schools that I follow, I found myself in the awkward position that I couldn’t cheer for one team over the other. I love the school I graduated from, but I have grown to love the community I live in, so I cannot root for either side. Ultimately, I hope for a tie. This game was a lot of fun to watch as both teams were very evenly matched. THe pictures show just how determined the girls played on both sides. The girls from CCHS won by one goal. I’ve posted some photos here. The other jv pictures from this game are located at



Indiana Sports Photography: CMA Varsity Soccer vs. CCHS

The other day, I attended the CMA Varsity soccer game as they played against the CCHS team at Culver Community High School. Unfortunately, I was at the game only about 15 minutes before the weather changed and it started a severe downpour. As there was no lightning, the game continued but there was too much rain to get decent photos and I decided to leave to protect my gear. I’ve posted some photos here. The others that I took before leaving are located at: